Purpose and Values


Our Core Values and Purpose Statement

Purpose statement

We exist to grow in our knowledge and love of God and each other, to create a welcoming and accepting community and to actively demonstrate the Father’s heart to those in our local area and beyond.



Broadmead Baptist Church is:

Growing in God                              (Worship)

Running in faith                             (Discipleship)

Active in service                           (Ministry)

Caring in community                   (Fellowship)

Engaging in conversation           (Evangelism)


Core Values (Introduction)


We have firm foundations. We worship God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit and derive all we believe, teach and do from the Bible as the written word of God, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.

2. Fathered

We are dearly loved children of God and want to be those who really know and experience the love and acceptance of our perfect heavenly Father. We long for all to come to know Him and seek to rightly represent Him to others.

3. Forgiven

We want to honour all that Christ accomplished for us on the cross through his death and resurrection. We have been forgiven much and seek to extend forgiveness, grace and mercy to others in His name.

4. Fired-up

We recognise our need to be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit. We want to be those who are learning to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit to minister to others in love and power as Jesus did.

5. Free

We want to see every individual free to be the unique person God created them to be. It was for freedom that Christ has set us free – and we want to see people freed from hurts, habits and hang-ups to walk into the hope and future God has for them.

6. Family

We want to be welcoming and inclusive —valuing each person from the oldest to the youngest. We take seriously God’s command to love one another and seek to do this prayerfully and practically by asking for help and offering help.

7. Focussed

We want to be purposeful, actively growing followers of Christ, who understand and use their gifts, talents, knowledge and passion to serve God in their day to day lives and spheres of influence.


We want to be those who take seriously the great commission and seek to reach out beyond our own walls to love, serve and share the good news of the Kingdom of God with others - locally, nationally and globally. We want to work with everyone who holds these values, partnering with them in the work of the Kingdom, while also honouring differences in leadership style, church characteristics and denominational emphasis.

9. Fresh

We want to be those who recognise the unchanging truth of the good news of Jesus – while also seeking to be creative and innovative in finding fresh ways to help people connect with God and grow in their faith. The new wine of the Kingdom needs new wine skins and we seek to be open to all that God wants to do in us and through us – even when that requires change.

10. Fun

We believe that Jesus came to bring us life in all its fullness and recognise that we are called to rejoice in the Lord at all times. While we know that life is not always easy and that there are times of sadness, we want to be a place that is known for joy, laughter and celebration!



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