About Us


Our site was given to Baptists in Northampton by the developer of this area in the 1920's so that there could be a Christian presence on the then newly built estate in the area between Kettering Road and Eastfield Park.  The vision, then, as now, was to reach the local community with the message and love of Christ.  The vision was for a large church building which would have extended across the grass area to Park Avenue North, in fact in some of the documents from the 1920's when it was called 'Park Avenue Baptist Church'.  The picture below shows what the church building might have looked like. 

The school room was built first, the building on the left, and quickly became a well used facility.  However the depression and World War Two intervened and the main church was never built, giving us a grass area much enjoyed by our youth groups.

Over many years the church has continued to seek to be a Christian presence in this community and offer help and support for all who wish to receive it with the aim of improve and spiritual and social well being of those living within this community.

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